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Whether you are a software company looking to move to the SaaS model, or are already deploying SaaS, C-Infinity aims to be the partner of choice for you.

We continually seek ways to add value to these partnerships.

Please refer to our case-study of one of our existing SaaS partnerships.

Our approach

There are a number of cloud providers out there who can build the cloud systems that you need. However, the more difficult part is understanding the sector that you operate in, and the situation, problems and concerns that your clients have.

In addition, your clients are likely to have issues about their move to the cloud. For example, issues about security, compliance and data protection.

There is a whole educational process involved in moving to the cloud. In this regard, and much else besides, C-Infinity bring much more than just technical solutions to our partnerships.

Client feedback

The real litmus test of a successful partnership is feedback from your clients about their cloud solutions. In this regard we are happy to facilitate references and arrange a call with both existing SaaS partners and their clients.

A note on implications for software support function

Most often support calls are related to either the client's hardware, to their not having the latest patch somewhere in their system, or some kind of virus.

None of these problems occur on a well managed cloud system.

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